Warmly welcome Yixing Environmental Protection Protection Group Committee to visit WuXi TOGO, communicating, seek common development, and talk about the future.

WuXi Togo Environment Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in January 2008. At present, the company mainly operates and develops the core business: Organic perishable waste treatment technology and treatment equipment such as kitchen, fruits, and vegetables. In recent years, it has developed rapidly, the domestic market has been advancing steadily, and the overseas market has developed rapidly.


On September 15, 2021, the first phase of “Yixing Environmental Protection People’s Private Board of Directors” of this year entered TOGO, with more than 10 participants. This meeting was presided over by Yin Shuhui.

The private board of directors thinks tank composed of Jiang Jiezhong, Jiang Zihou, Zhou an, Ding Kangjun, Jiang Weiqun, Shang Ming, Yin Shuhui, and Chen Zhengan had a heart-to-heart sharing and suggestions with the team representatives of Wuxi TOGO.

At this meeting, we discussed how TOGO established a sales team, expanded the market, and improved products. The private board think tank puts forward clear and direct questions from all angles to help TOGO find answers to the questions.

Yin Shuhui, Yixing Environmental Protection Industry Research Institute, put forward the product planning and positioning, analyzed the product development direction and diversified sales model: “the product is positioned as a technical type, and the products need to develop to high precision; seek development with quality, service, and price; create its own differentiated competitive characteristics; sales model: diversified sales teams such as direct sales, agents, OEMs, and salesmen!”

Jiang Jiezhong, the leader of Yixing Environmental Protection Group, put forward unique opinions on the formation form of the sales team: “Don’t use fixed thinking to bind yourself. OEM direction, partnership system, partner platform, and contract platform can also be used for reference, reference, and penetration to form a sales model suitable for yourself! Enterprises need to create a comfortable experience journey for customers, from hardware facilities to reception, exhibition hall, value patent embodiment and component display and display are all an art!”

Yixing Environmental Protection City – Chen Zhigan stressed the importance of the market and platform: “the market is the necessary prerequisite for the survival of enterprises. In the establishment of the platform, it is obvious: enterprise packaging, product display, etc., and invisible: refinement, lean and characteristic are the direction!”

TOGO – Zhang Yongcheng said: thank the private board of directors thinks tank for sharing experience and guiding mazes, opening ideas, and seeking development for enterprises. We should learn and innovate in many aspects, adhere to the differentiated route, adhere to the strategic layout and integration of internal and external resources, comprehensively and diversify sales channels, and strengthen the configuration of enterprise software and hardware. Finally, in your heated discussion, The private board of directors came to a successful conclusion.

Strengthen technology research and development, strengthen scientific and technological innovation.

Clear strategy and direction.

Constantly explore and learn practical strategies.

Constantly update channels and platforms.

The development and growth of enterprises are inevitable!

WuXi TOGO Environment Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in January 2008, is a science and technology enterprise with the development direction of the kitchen, kitchen waste, fruits and vegetables, reduction of rural organic waste, resource treatment, and improvement of the urban and rural environment. The company is committed to the overall solution of harmless, resource and reduction treatment equipment for the kitchen, kitchen waste, fruits and vegetables, landscaping, and other organic waste, provides integrated equipment for classification, collection, and treatment, provides customized integrated services for design, production, installation, commissioning and after-sales, and provides technical guidance for the operation of integrated equipment, Guide the docking of resource-based products organic fertilizer and agriculture.

The company has independently developed more than 30 kinds of organic waste treatment equipment according to the current situation and demand of global kitchen waste, kitchen, fruits and vegetables, landscaping, and other organic waste treatment, combined with China’s national conditions. At present, there are more than 200 successful cases, more than 30 national patents, ISO9001, ISO14001, and iso45001 three system certification, after-sales service system certification, enterprise integrity management system EU CE certification, the company’s equipment sells well in Europe and the United States and more than 20 countries.

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