Wuxi Tanggu helps “low-carbon circulation” – provincial party newspapers’ all-media walk into Yixing. Tongzhu Village kitchen waste disposal project in the Yangtze River Economic Belt and Yellow River Basin

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On April 8, Xinhua Daily, which has a glorious history of 85 years, joined representatives of provincial party newspapers from 11 provinces (cities) in the Yangtze River Economic Belt and Yellow River Basin, as well as the Greater Bay Area, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and Hainan Free Trade Port, to launch the “Coexistence with the River ‘Green’ Full of New Journey – Yangtze River Economic Belt and Yellow River Basin Provincial Party Newspapers All-Media Walk into Jiangsu Province Yixing City. Tongzhu Village” event in Yixing Environmental Science Park, a national green industrial park. They visited Tongzhu Village to see how Tongzhu has taken the green circular development path of “beautiful countryside + resource reuse”. More than 40 journalists from 11 provinces and regions visited Tongzhu Village, following the green development path of the Yangtze River Basin and exploring the high-quality development code with green as the bottom color.

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Tongzhu Village is the first low-carbon village in China built by Yixing Environmental Protection Technology Industrial Park as a demonstration. Relying on the environmental protection industry advantages of Yixing Environmental Protection Technology Industrial Park, it applies environmental protection technology to the construction of beautiful countryside and turns Tongzhu Village, which used to be polluted by sewage, into a “park” with beautiful ecology and fame far and near. Leaders and staff of Environmental Science Park, Tongzhu Village and Wuxi Tanggu introduced to the all-media journalists in detail the resource utilization measures for garbage disposal in Tongzhu Village: farmers in Tongzhu Village implement two classifications of garbage, each household has two garbage bins at the door, villagers put garbage into two classifications every day, and then recycle it by village cleaners for four classifications. Among them, kitchen waste and perishable waste are fermented by Wuxi Tanggu intelligent kitchen waste treatment equipment and made into fertilizer for villagers to use for field and garden fertilization, truly achieving “green, environmental protection, sustainable development”!