Why Process Food Waste?

Why Process Food Waste
Build sustainable world-class solutions to combat pollution caused by food waste and explore composting through the lens of soil nourishment.
Usage of Compost
  • Compost helps bind clusters of soil particles, called aggregates, which provide good soil structure. Such soil is full of tiny air channels & pores that hold air, moisture and nutrients.
  • Compost brings and feeds diverse life in the soil. These bacteria, fungi, insects, worms and more support healthy plant growth.
  • Healthy soil is an important factor in protecting our waters. Compost increases soil’s ability to retain water & decreases runoff. Runoff pollutes water by carrying soil, fertilizers and pesticides to nearby streams.
  • For application in the greenbelt development within the existing site
  • For distribution to farmers/growers of nearby Villages
  • For sale to interested farmers or dealers