What Is Sustainable Composting?

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So, what is compost, exactly? It’s a biological method of turning organic debris like leaves and food scraps into beneficial fertilizers to nourish soil and plants.
Have you ever tried to make compost? The process is relatively simple overall, and there are different containers to use and various approaches to try. 
Here at TOGO, we offer sustainable composting options for businesses and individuals. We’re experienced and passionate about the process of composting as a means to keep the earth healthy for generations to come. Composting allows you to manage your food waste and restore minerals to the land naturally.
We’ll explore the concept of sustainable composting, its benefits and the many advantages for both the environment and humans alike. It is a positive activity for both organizations and homeowners to participate in, not only for the ecological benefits but also for financial and community-based reasons. 
What Is A Compost Machine?
A compost machine is a receptacle where you can safely create compost, a combination of food waste, natural matter like grass clippings, and leaves. Over time, the organic material breaks down and decomposes into rich fertilizer. It’s best to keep this matter contained in its own separate container explicitly built for composting to help cut down on any smells that can emit from the process. 
For businesses, it is incredibly responsible to add composting to your waste management program. Our commercial models can be adapted to fit the size of your business—we have options that can handle anywhere from 2kg to 300 tons. 
How To Create And Use Compost Properly 
The material produced by your composting system will be high in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are all essential minerals for the fertilization of plants. Add greens (plants, leaves, and vegetable scraps) and browns (like dead leaves, twigs, and branches) to the bins or composting systems.
So, what exactly can you compost? The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has a comprehensive guide that will help determine what is best for creating the healthiest compost. 
Anything organic is easy to compost with an in-vessel commercial composting system. This system can compost fruits, vegetables, meat, compostable plates, bowls and yard waste.