TOGO Signs EATNS Carbon Management System

Yesterday, TOGO signs carbon management system contract! TOGO pressed the “confirmation button” for carbon management and became the first enterprise in Yixing to establish a carbon management system!
On June 7, 2022, the signing ceremony of the carbon management system with the theme of “Double Carbon Leads to Create the Future Together” was held in Yixing, Jiangsu, the hometown of environmental protection. Wuxi TOGO Environment Group and Jiangsu Zhongsheng Jiachuang Carbon Neutral Technology held a signing ceremony here. Mrs. Ling of TOGO Environment and Mr. Wo of Jiangsu Zhongsheng Jiachuang signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties. So far, TOGO has become the first enterprise in Jiangsu to establish a carbon management system.
Focus on the dual-carbon goal, seek green and high-quality development, jointly promote the efficient and professional management of carbon emissions, and promote the realization of the “double-carbon” goal of enterprises in the kitchen waste treatment industry and the development of my country’s low-carbon green industry and sustainable circular economy. The two sides expressed full affirmation and support for the follow-up cooperation, and hoped to take this cooperation agreement as an opportunity to carry out all-round cooperation in the fields of carbon management system construction, establish a long-term, stable and win-win cooperative relationship, and work together to create low-cost carbon future. The leaders of the two companies, Zhang Yongcheng and Wu Shenghao, jointly witnessed the signing.
Under the guidance of the dual carbon goals, the national carbon market and carbon finance industry have ushered in a period of strategic opportunity for development from the central to the local level. This signing is the first concrete action of Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange and Yixing City to jointly build a demonstration city of carbon management system. It is a concrete manifestation of Yixing City’s implementation of the new development concept, and marks the beginning of the development of Yixing’s environmental protection industry. This new chapter will accumulate surging power for the steady and long-term development of Yixing’s green and low-carbon industry.
TOGO Enterprise
TOGO was established in January 2008, focusing on organic waste treatment management for more than ten years, and established an overseas business department in Wuxi Taihu Zhigu in 2019. The main equipment is exported overseas, which is a long-term practice in the food waste treatment industry. As one of the pioneers and witnesses to the development of the industry, TOGO is committed to the overall solution of harmless, resourceful, and reduced processing equipment for organic perishable waste such as kitchen, fruit, vegetable, and landscaping. It has independently developed more than 30 different types of composting equipment, and cooperated with Tongji University, to promote the research and development of process technology. Relying on technological innovation, and mature equipment has passed 3 ISO certifications, EU CE certification, and has passed international trademark registration in ten countries of Madrid member states. TOGO has more than 30 national patents and provides integrated equipment for organic waste classification, collection, and treatment, provides customized integrated services of design, production, installation, commissioning, and after-sales. Providing technical guidance on the operation of integrated equipment, and guiding the connection between resource-based organic fertilizers and agriculture. The real “turning waste into treasure”, realizing the reuse of resources, and realizing the environmental protection circular economy.
As a participant and leader in China’s organic waste treatment industry, TOGO has always adhered to the concept of green and low-carbon development, actively fulfilled its social responsibilities, and actively embraced the “double carbon” goal with the practice of carbon management system standards.
EATNS Carbon Management System
Under the strategy of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality in China, in the context of the launch of the national carbon market, the Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange took the lead and cooperated with more than ten units such as the Shanghai Institute of Quality Science and Management, Fudan University, and Nanjing University to jointly develop “Carbon Management System Requirements and Guidelines for Use” (T/CIECCPA 002-2021).
“Carbon Management System Requirements and Use Guidelines” is the world’s first comprehensive carbon management system standard, referred to as the EATNS carbon management system. It will be officially announced to the world at the 4th CIIE on November 8, 2021, and will be officially implemented on December 1.
The system draws on mature foreign energy management system standards, greenhouse gas emission standards, and carbon asset management system standards. It is the first in the world to include “Carbon Emission, Carbon Asset, Carbon Trading, Carbon Neutrality” a Systematic management system of “Carbon Credit Evaluation” (4+1 module).
TOGO as a service provider of organic perishable waste treatment equipment, has been committed to the construction of green ecology and the sustainable development of resources. The implementation of the carbon management system this time, TOGO will further clarify the “dual carbon” action path and help the in-depth adjustment of the industrial structure and the green development of enterprises. TOGO officially launched the EATNS carbon management system, which reflects the determination and efforts to implement the “dual carbon” goal, and also lays a solid foundation for better participation in the national carbon market. By strengthening the construction of a carbon management system, it will continuously improve the competitiveness in the “dual carbon” environment, play a leading role in the industry, provide more experience for reference, and make an effort for my country to achieve the “dual carbon” goal!