TOGO invites you to attend IFAT2024 Environmental Protection Exhibition in Munich, Germany


As one of the important international exhibitions certified by UFI, the Munich Environmental Protection Expo was founded in 1966 and is held every two years. It is currently the flagship expo for professional environmental protection trade in the world, leading the latest trend of the international environmental protection industry and is recognized as the world’s largest expo in the industry. wind vane.

The 2024 Munich Environmental Protection Expo will be held from May 13th to 17th at the New International Exhibition Center in Munich, Germany. The contents include: garbage treatment and recycling, site and street cleaning and maintenance, complete sets of waste treatment technologies and equipment, waste gas and smoke recovery and treatment technology and equipment, etc.

TOGO, as a typical representative of enterprises in the organic waste treatment segment in China, was invited to participate in this environmental protection event! IFAT2024. We are waiting for your visit and guidance at Hall B4, 126-d, New International Exhibition Center, Munich, Germany! I look forward to starting a new dialogue on international environmental protection with you!