TOGO 20Tons Composting System in Production


TOGO Composter supplies a line of commercial composting machines that can compost from 5kg of food waste a day, up to 300tons of food waste a day. Apart from the line of commercial units, TOGO also offers a large-scale composting machine set up around the world.

Our machines, when paired with a grinder, and water squeezer, can increase the machine’s daily composting capacity. One such example is a large scale set up in Thailand.
TOGO’s 20tons composting machine is paired with four accessory pieces:
1 – Sorting Platform
2 – Oil and Water Separator
3 – Shredder
4 – Squeezer
With a daily capacity of 20tons/day. When paired with the above accessories, the machine’s capacity is increased to 25 tonnes a day.
Sorting Platform
Food waste is collected in waste hauling trucks and emptied onto the sorting platform. Operators remove contamination like plastics, metals, non-organic materials, and extra-large objects from the food waste. The food waste is then pushed towards the conveyor belt and into the oil and water separator.
Oil and Water Separator
The oil and water separator compresses the oil and water from the food waste, to reduce the amount of moisture content within the organic waste. Through a conveyor belt system, the food waste is then moved to the shredder.
The shredder is used to pulverize food waste to reduce its surface area, thus increasing the machine’s daily composting capacity.
Apart from small particle size, reducing the water content in the food waste is also crucial to increasing machine’s composting capcity. The squeezer presses the food waste against a fine mesh screen to remove as much water as possible. The food waste is then transported through a conveyor belt and emptied directly into the composting machine.
Such large scale composting systems are ideal for central food waste collection sites. The food waste is quickly composted in 24 hours, and the reduction rate is 80-90%. The compost can then be screened, and used as soil amendment.