TOGO organic waste composting machine (kitchen, fruit and vegetable waste) is a integrated system that combine pretreatment, biochemical treatment, residue oil and water separation and collection, three waste treatment and other technologies to reduce organic waste, and conduct harmless and resourceful treatment . The organic waste comprehensive treatment equipment adopts fully automated, intelligent and standardized operation processes.

TOGO can design the cost-effective organic waste composting machine for you according to various actual working conditions. After organic waste is collected and transported, moving into garbage sorting, crushing and dehydration, the waste residue is added with beneficial microorganisms to perform aerobic fermentation in a special environment, and finally, organic fertilizer is produced. After the waste liquid is separated into residue oil and water, the waste oil collection can be sold for the Refinement of biodiesel, wastewater is discharged after physical and biochemical treatment.

Product Advantages

1. The kitchen waste composting machine equipment adopts unique stainless steel + Q235 paint, beautiful appearance, compact structure, small footprint and long service life.

2. Simple operation, fully automated operation, no manual sorting;

3. Less investment, low operating cost, small footprint;

4. No odor emission, no sewage discharge, no secondary pollution, no harm and resource utilization during the operation of the equipment.

5. The equipment adopts self-developed full PLC touch intelligent control and online monitoring system. The main components are Schneider and LCD screen Schneider. The operation interface is clear and simple.

6. The food and kitchen waste reduction is about 85-90%, and the output (soil conditioner) product indicators have reached national standards.

Operating Principles

1. Pour the kitchen garbage directly into the right groove area,where manual sorting can be done.

2. Kitchen garbage in the groove through the drain hole filtration part of the water and oil directly into the oil water separator.

3. There is no clear water kitchen garbage through the middle pulverizer grinding crushing treatment after crushing grinding the debris can be squeezed and dehydrated.

4. After the material is ground and shredded, it can directly enter the screw kitchen garbage removal machine for dehydration. You can directly enter the trash can wait for municipal sanitation to be recycled or through biochemical processors to make biochemical organic fertilizer, recycling the value of the kitchen.

Use for (Bio degradable / Organic)

* Fish & Vegetables

* Egg & Crab Shells

* Bakery Food

* Chicken & Meat

* Leftover Meal

* Fast Food

* Bones

* Garden Waste

Where It Can Be Install







Office Buildings



Tech Parks

Shopping Mall







Government Organizations

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