The Use of Organic Waste Composting Machine in the various industries!

With the ever-growing population, huge amounts of food wastes are being generated. Starting from the residential units to commercial buildings like IT Companies, hotels, hospitals, and more, all generate huge amounts of food wastes. These wastes, when not disposed of properly, start rotting and release greenhouse gases, thereby polluting the atmosphere. With the growing need for sustainable and eco-friendly disposal, organic waste disposing machine is used to overcome the food menace of different sectors.
Some of the important sectors that require a waste disposing machine to overcome the food waste disposal issues include:
Municipal Corporation (Govt. Sector)
A major portion of the food waste comes from municipal corporations. Even though the waste materials vary with the different municipalities, it mainly consists of residential, industrial, institutional, and commercial wastes. While you will find 8.5% paper, 3.2% textiles, 11.2% plastics, 2.9% wood, 0.8% rubber & 18.4% non-combustibles in a typical municipal waste, the food residue is almost 5.9%. Starting from food scraps to other food wastes are generated in huge amounts, leading to the addition of more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. The liquid composting machine can help in overcoming the potential food waste issues in this sector. By converting the food waste into water and disposing of it most ecologically, it helps in ensuring a sustainable environment.
Apartments and Buildings
The residential units, including the apartments and buildings, are another sector that produces huge food wastes. Nearly 30% of global food waste comes from this sector. Cooked food, leftover food, rotten food items, and kitchen wastes are some of the wastes generated in the domestic units. If not disposed of properly, they may lead to bad odor and an unhygienic condition that becomes a breeding place for flies, making it an unhealthy environment for the residents. By decomposing all the food wastes, TOGO technologies food waste digester helps in ensuring a healthy environment free of odors and disease-causing flies.
Star Hotels, Restaurants & Food Courts
Hotels and Restaurants are considered to be one of the major contributors when it comes to food waste and produces the maximum amount of food wastes. While a major portion of the water comes from plate waste, the rest comes from the kitchen of the restaurants. Other food wastes in this sector include vegetable refuse, napkins, meat, uncooked & cooked food, and more. As restaurants require a healthy and hygienic ambiance for people to have good food peacefully, getting rid of all such wastes effectively is important. The food waste composter helps in decomposing these wastes in the best way. With the capacity to decompose any amount of food wastes, it helps the hotels and restaurants decomposing the bulk wastes regularly in an eco-friendly manner and turn them into water. Also, by eliminating the carbon footprints, it ensures a clean and green environment.
Hospitals also generate huge food wastes, including kitchen waste, plate waste, and medicines. As keeping hospitals clean and free from foul smells is important for the better health of the patients, efficient decomposition of the food wastes becomes important. The food waste digesters help in reducing all the disposals in the best possible way by turning them into water that can be used for various purposes. The quiet operation of the machine makes it more suitable for the hospitals without disturbing the patients in any manner.
IT Companies
With the number of canteen and cafeterias coming up in the IT companies, the amount of food waste is also increasing. The kitchen wastes of the canteens and the leftover food wastes of the employees accumulate, forming huge amounts of wastes. With the help of organic waste composters, decomposing the wastes becomes easier for big IT companies.
With the efficient disposal of food waste in an eco-friendly manner, the composters ensure a cleaner and greener environment. So if you want a healthy and clean environment, it is best to invest in these composters!
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