Smart Food Waste Composters Are Here. Here’s a Look at Five of Them

Food waste sucks, but no matter how hard we try, most of us end up throwing out some food.
So if and when food does go to waste, the best thing to do is to make sure it doesn’t end up in a landfill. In some locations (like where I live), the city offers green bin programs with curbside yard and food waste pickup. But what option do those without city-run green bin programs have?
Composting! That’s right, no longer just for hardcore gardeners or your parents’ hippy friends, composting is becoming more popular as a way to avoid filling our landfills with carbon gas-emitting food waste, while also creating a rich food source for the home garden.
The problem? Composting takes time. In fact, it can take you up to a few months to fully compost food in a traditional composter (and that’s even after you buy worms!).
But now, there may be another answer…
Welcome To The Age of The Smart Food Waste Composter
The good news is we’re seeing a new wave of smart, automated compost systems that help the user turn food waste into compost. These new systems can compress composting time from months to days. They use internal compressors and grinders to break down the food and often have sensors to optimize the internal environment to foster microbe and nutrient growth.
Some come in economically sized countertop systems, while a couple of others look like a kitchen garbage bin or sit under your sink and connect to your plumbing system.
Most of these systems are either still in development or are just beginning to ship. And while I haven’t tested any of them yet and can’t vouch for their effectiveness, I do think – if they work as promised – these systems could potentially make composting a much more viable option for millions of households.
TG CC 100

TOGO has introduced its latest Food waste Electric Composter, Model No. TG-CC-100 can decompose up to 100 KGs of any type of organic food waste, per cycle using multi-stage indirect heat and dry composting method, tentatively within 24 hours. Stand-Alone and portable, the model has durable, and corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel contact parts. Built using best-in-class PLC technologies, the fully automatic TG-CC-100 has odour control and deodorisation features it. Meant for medium to large scale restaurants, fast food corners, medical institutions, aeroplane catering services, convention centres and canteens—the machine comes under 1 year’s guarantee.