Organic Waste Composting System
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The comprehensive organic waste disposal system is a resource utilization and harmless treatment system of organic waste with strong treatment capacity, advanced technology, and a high degree of resource utilization. Can ensure that organic waste can be treated harmlessly and reduced more effectively, realize the fine separation of organic waste, and ensure the stable and reliable operation of the process production line, meet the needs of process production and realize organic waste treatment and resource utilization. 


The system included a waste composting pre-treatment system and a fermenter. The pre-treatment system includes bin-lifter, sorting platforms, industrial shredders, dewatering machine, discharge auger conveyor. 


Sorting Equipment

The organic matter sorting efficiency is high and the sorting effect is obvious, improves the efficiency of subsequent treatment, greatly reduces energy consumption, and saves cost.

Shredder Machine

Effectively realize the volume reduction and resource disposal of dry and wet kitchen waste. The equipment has high production efficiency, unique structure and stable operation.

Screw Press Dehydration

By reducing the pitch of the screw, the volume of the material is gradually reduced in the screen to eliminate the moisture of the material, reduce the volume, press and dehydrate.


The processing time of the whole fermentation process is about 24 hours, and the reduction rate is more than 90%. There is no need to add other organic matter and nutrient solutions.


1. Wear Resistant Blade
Food waste is both soft and hard. In order to ensure smooth cutting, the equipment adopts wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, which are not easy to wrap and hang, have a long service life, and have good interchangeability.
2. High Dehydration Rate
The screw press dehydration equipment adopts a frequency conversion drive, which can adjust the speed according to the material, and the material adaptability is wide; It has high dehydration rate, no blockage and winding, and can be produced continuously.
3. Green Environmental Protection
In order to avoid the leakage of odor and harmful substances, the whole treatment process of the food waste disposal production line is fully closed, with good sealing, which can effectively prevent the leakage of untreated odor. Equipped with professional deodorization equipment to effectively improve the working environment.
4. Intelligent Monitoring
Intelligent monitoring system integrates the functions of data acquisition, data transmission, data storage, and data analysis. Through real-time monitoring and analysis of the overall operation data of the production line, it can timely understand the equipment operation status and realize the intellectualization, digitization, and refinement of production line monitoring and management.


Organic Composting System


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