Organic Waste Converter

With rapid population growth and urbanization, a huge amount of waste is generated every single day. It is vital to handle waste effectively to reduce the effect of waste on health and the environment. Approximately 90% of waste is dumped into landfills that release methane which is dangerous for the environment as well as human health.

So, are you wondering what is the alternative to tackle this ever-increasing problem of waste generation at both domestic and industrial levels? The simple answer is composting. It is the best way to handle the waste. In fact, many people have now started using this method instead of dumping waste into the backyard or landfills.  Technological advancements have made it possible to accelerate natural processes. This is the reason why the majority of Industries and businesses are shifting towards the automation method of handling waste.

Before getting into the details of an organic waste composter, let’s have a basic understanding of composting.

What is composting?

Composting is a natural process of recycling waste. It is a way of breaking down complex substances such as food items, temple waste, kitchen waste, and more into simpler ones with the help of microorganisms. Advantages of composting include reduction of waste material and generation of usable fertilizer. Adding compost to the soil improves its structure and organic content.

How long does it take to make compost?

It can take two to three months for piles to turn into compost naturally, it is usually dry and crumbly.  However, automatic composting machines can do it in a day. Some machines have in-built shredders to reduce the size of waste particles while other machines can output usable manure directly.

Advantages of using organic waste composting machine

The organic waste composter is a great solution as opposed to the traditional techniques of waste management which were time-consuming and took a lot of space. The self-contained composting machine is used for recycling both solid and liquid wastes. Let’s discuss the benefits of using a waste composting machine.

  • The processing of waste is fast when composting through a machine. It takes fewer hours to complete the procedure which also implies saving money.
  • The composting machine technology generates no secondary pollution.
  • Automatic composting machines save operating manpower. The machine can easily be operated by one person.
  • The machine can effectively manage all types of organic waste.
  • Built with a stainless steel tank, the machine is durable.
  • Composting machine is usually compact and therefore occupies less floor space.
  • The machine can convert organic waste into compost.
  • Composting benefits the environment by maintaining soil fertility. With the help of compost, soils can retain more water.
  • Composting reduces the emission of harmful methane gas in the air.
  • Composting serves as a natural fertilizer thus avoiding the need for any artificial fertilizer for plant growth.
  • Using a compost machine also helps reduce transportation costs.
  • An increasing number of individuals now have learned about the benefits of organic waste converters. Many organizations are now using compost machines to recycle and convert their waste effectively. The volume reduction efficiency of composting machine technology ranges from 80 to 90%.

An organic waste composter is useful for:

  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Schools, colleges, and universities
  • Supermarkets
  • Airports
  • Highway service centers
  • Group housing societies
  • Temples and religious institutions
  • Corporates

TOGO organic waste converter

An organic waste converter is a machine used for recycling and converting solid and liquid waste material. The process of converting solid waste into compost is a great solution for effective waste management. It is also quite simple and saves the environment by turning waste material into a useful bi-product which is called compost.

TOGO’s organic waste composting machine is used to convert solid waste into usable raw material.  The compost product generated can be then used by farmers. It enables them to grow seeds by using natural compost instead of artificial fertilizers. Composting is a natural process as the process finally results in the generation of rich organic fertilizer.  Our machine is extremely durable and compatible and maintains all the requirements well that are essential in the making of compost as a result.  The structure of the machine is designed in a way that it has different openings. It takes the input that is the biodegradable waste from one door or opening and has a separate opening for delivering the output which is an excellent bi-product.

At present, composting is the perfect solution to our waste management problems. The use of automatic waste composters will definitely ease the process of waste management. The way we handle our waste needs to be taken care of immediately. Composting is one such step in the right direction and the sooner we adopt it, the better we can do for our own health and mother Earth.

TOGO’s organic waste converter is compact, easy to operate, and fully automatic. When you choose TOGO composting machine you can rely on the performance as well as the new and trending technology used to build our machine!