TG-CC-200 Organic Food Waste Composter

Organic wastes are difficult to handle properly because they usually come with a bad smell and dirty water during composting. Although many composting technologies and equipment are available in the market, time and pollution are still unbreakable issues. However, a novel technology may solve this situation, by combining patented equipment and enzyme, organic waste can be converted to fertilizer in a few hours, and most importantly, without pollutions.
TOGO offers ready-made solutions to make organic waste treatment fast and simple for any waste converter system. We have solutions for every requirement – be it residential complex, corporate canteen or any other place, we have a solution for you! Our compost machine rapidly processes your everyday waste – vegetable cuts, fruit peels, food discards, and garden waste – into good quality compost which can be further used in agriculture, horticulture, gardening, and landscaping.
TG CC 200
TG CC 200 1