Open Cooperation, Discuss The Future: TOGO Chairman visits Indonesian Deputy Minister of Environment!


On June 14, TOGO Chairman Zhang Yongcheng met with Ms. Nani, Deputy Minister of Environment of Indonesia, and her delegation at Shanghai Jing’an Shangri-La, and the two sides had in-depth exchanges on further deepening cooperation.


Zhang Yongcheng extended a warm welcome to the delegation led by the Deputy Minister of Environment of Indonesia. He introduced the company’s development history, TOGO’s perishable waste treatment solutions, global application cases, and the cooperation and development between TOGO and Indonesia. He also said that TOGO will continue to actively promote the implementation of the “Belt and Road” cooperation in Indonesia and strive to make greater contributions to Indonesia’s environmental protection and green development.


The Deputy Minister of Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment expressed his appreciation for the achievements of TOGO’s series of equipment in the Indonesian market and said that he looks forward to further deepening cooperation with TOGO in the future and jointly contributing to the development of Indonesia’s environment.