TOGO premier food waste processor helps your organization manage your food waste with ease. Our vision is to offer a machine that is easy, durable, strong, hygienic, with elegant design, and helps reclaim profits. Specifically designed for large buildings with limited space such as hotels, hospitals, schools, or universities and for residential perimeters such as condominiums, townhomes, municipalities, or villages, our machine simply converts your food waste to valuable materials within 24 hours automatically. It can be further configured to suit any layout of your building and your desired end-products.

Our machine has wide range model that suitable for various organizations like canteen, hotel, manufactory, plant, mice, hotel, resort, market, department store, and garbage disposal plant.

Response to Circular Economy

TOGO food waste processor operates by automatic function with safety system, low maintenance cost. It turns organic waste into valuable materials that respond to “Circular economy, helps reduced waste-to-landfill and to let your organization achieve the zero-waste goal.

Our machine saves your energy cost and space for air-conditioned storage as well as disposal cost if any. The materials after being processed can be sold, or pelletized before sold, as animal feedstocks, fertilizers, or Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF). The RDF can be used by the power plant to produce electricity. Leading organizations from several countries are among the users of this machine.

Key Technology

“Patents” all pathogen, germs, bacteria, virus are going to be killed during the drying process with high temperature.



Patents that are implemented for the products so the odor is completely blocked and there is no odor around the machineries.

Diverse Configurations to Suit Your Needs

Our team will help you configure the system based on your waste quantity and requirement to maximize benefits for you. With options to add more durability with stainless steel or to add control functions such as the integration with IT system, to name but a few.


Contact TOGO Technical team for technical specifications or more information on how our system can help you. Larger models are available upon request.