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Why is Composting So Important?

Why is composting so important

WHY SHOULD BUSINESSES COMPOST ON-SITE? Organizations across the globe are continually searching for ways to make their business models more sustainable, improve their carbon footprint and demonstrate their genuine commitment to looking after our planet. The on-site composting of food waste can help companies with all the above – allowing them to reap ethical, environmental, […]

Types of Composting and Treatment of Organics

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Open Aerobic Composting Open aerobic composting occurs under moist, oxygen-rich (aerobic) conditions where complex organic molecules are broken down by microorganisms that release nutrients and energy contained in the waste. As the name itself suggests, open composting is carried out in open windows or open static piles where the controlled biological decomposition and pasteurization of […]



The bacterial conversion of the Organic matter present in waste in the presence of air under hot and moist conditions is called composting, and the final product obtained after the bacterial activity is called Compost, which has a very high agricultural value. It is used as fertilizer, and it is non-odorous and free of pathogens, […]

Encinitas in a unique position to quickly implement organic waste ordinances


ENCINITAS — This past week, the Encinitas City Council introduced its organic waste ordinances in compliance with a state law requiring every municipality to regulate organic waste disposal. Senate Bill 1383, signed into law in 2016, aims to reduce organic waste disposal by 75% by requiring all cities and municipalities to adopt mandatory organic recycling […]

Comprehensive Interpretation of Kitchen Waste Treatment Technology Equipment & Industry Status


With the rapid development of the catering industry, mountains of food waste have followed. If food waste is not disposed of in a timely manner, it will not only put great pressure on the environment, but also allow harmful substances to flow into the ecosystem. In this paper, the technology, equipment and industry status of […]