TOGO’s TG-CC-2 is an electric composting unit ideal for small-scale waste generators like homes, coffee shops, schools, and offices. 

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    Home Composting Machine is not an ordinary garbage processor, it is a kind of garbage processor that adopts advanced microbial digestion, as long as the garbage into the bins, a few hours will be able to digest waste more than 98%, there are some small grains can be used as biofertilizer. The product can be an amazing addition to your home or office kitchen. The food waste is processed without odor into a beneficial compost for your plants.

    Our TG-CC-2 offers a low-carbon footprint zero-waste solution to our food waste challenge. Unlike the Food Cycler, the TG-CC-2 imitates the natural process of food composting as it uses microbes to turn dinner scraps into compost within just 24 hours.

    Home Composting Machine is not an ordinary garbage proc […]