TOGO food waste compost machine is the most advanced composting machine which uses a special technique to break down and convert all kinds of organic waste into compost in just 24 hours. No need for a separate curing system. This model is well equipped with moisture reduction systems, heater, mixing blades, odour control mechanisms and fully automatic operation. The entire process is natural & biological.

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Output Product

Organic manure/Compost which can be sold at a good price.


– Working on the principle of providing a complete composting system in a single machine.

– Low power consumption.

– No curing and 100% natural process.

– Easy to operate & maintain.

– The temperature required for thermophilic digester is maintained by the inbuilt heater

– Our food waste machine has an inbuilt humidity sensor, mixing blades, moisture control system, and air ventilation system

– Our food waste compost machine is completely odorless with very low noise


TOGO machines are used to effectively dispose of Organic Wastes (food waste and similar bio-degradable wastes) in Vegetable and  Fruit markets, Corporate Canteens, Hotels and Resorts, Restaurants, Theme Parks, Stadium, Hospital, School/Colleges Canteens, Military Cafeterias/Mess, Railway Stations, Highway Snack Centers, Food Plazas, Food Manufacturing Units, Airports, Supermarkets, Food Distribution Centers, Municipal Councils/ Corporations and fresh Vegetable Waste of Group Housing Societies, etc.


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