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[Cross-border investigation and cooperation] Warmly welcome Irish customers to visit and discuss cooperation!

With the rapid development of the company and the continuous innovation and improvement of the equipment research and development capabilities, TOGO’s intelligent food waste and kitchen waste processing equipment has steadily developed in the domestic market while also expanding the international market, attracting a large number of foreign customers to visit and discuss cooperation. On […]

TOGO Kitchen Waste Disposal Equipment: Making the Environment a Better Place

Indonesian friends who participated in the TOGO food waste treatment equipment exhibition

Indonesia – TOGO brand’s kitchen waste disposal equipment has recently attracted widespread attention and praise at a promotional exhibition held in Indonesia. This device, which integrates kitchen waste disposal and resource recovery, has become the star product of the exhibition due to its stability, reliability, and high cost performance.As a global leader in kitchen waste […]

Manufacturer of Kitchen Waste Composting Machine

composting machine manufacturer

Manufacturer of Kitchen Waste Composting Machine The closed fermentation container (micro bio kitchen waste biochemical treatment machine) is used for the project of an integrated kitchen waste machine, which is connected with a special conditioner and auxiliary materials. Through microbial fermentation, the materials can be completely degraded within 21-24 hours to achieve the process of […]

Organic Waste Composting Machine Factory – TOGO


Organic Waste Composting Machine Factory – TOGO TOGO’s organic waste composting machines are in production, processing and assembly. TOGO is a more than 15+ years old leading manufacturing and engineering company of China providing integrated design, supply, installation, and project management services for organic waste management.   The expanding list of satisfied clients reflects our […]

TOGO Signs EATNS Carbon Management System


TOGO Signs EATNS Carbon Management System Yesterday, TOGO signs carbon management system contract! TOGO pressed the “confirmation button” for carbon management and became the first enterprise in Yixing to establish a carbon management system! On June 7, 2022, the signing ceremony of the carbon management system with the theme of “Double Carbon Leads to Create the Future […]