Closing the Loop with Composting Machines

Composting machines are innovative food waste equipment solutions for commercial or industrial kitchens by turning food waste into compost in a short period of time. By installing a composting machine in your organization, the amount of swill can be substantially reduced, up to 90% volume reduction, in a closed system. This leads to significant cost savings in disposal costs and the ability to on-site manage waste. On top of that, the collected organic waste can, in combination with our compostable disposables, be converted into a fully circular usable raw material: compost.

Composting machines come in various shapes and sizes. Would you like to know more about composting machines? Our partner can provide your organization and / or company with tailor-made advice and help you take the ‘last’ steps in creating a successful circular business. We’ll be happy to put you in touch with our partner.
Find here a complete overview of our sustainable disposables in various materials and sizes that are suitable for the composting machine. All our products are made from sustainable materials, which come from renewable resources and are entirely compostable. 
About our sustainable partners
As a supplier of compostable disposables and packaging, we work together with sustainable partners in order to offer our customers innovative solutions to process and reduce their (food) waste streams in a circular way. At TOGO we strongly believe in circularity. We do this by not only offering compostable packaging alternatives but additionally, creating a rich breeding ground for innovative and cost-efficient solutions to close the loop on our products.