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TOGO Intelligent Composting System

Intelligent Composting System

TOGO Intelligent Composting System Our machines offer a greener and cleaner alternative to the problem of organic waste disposal. Our Composters are automatic Bio-Mechanical and have a continuous organic waste converter system. The organic waste added to the machine is converted into nitrogen-rich compost by significantly reducing its volume. TOGOComposting System is a simple and […]

TOGO Fully Automatic Organic Waste Converters

Organic Waste Converters

With TOGO Organic Waste Converters, now manage your waste efficiently and economically through an environmentally-conscious process. Convert Organic Food and Garden Waste into Soil Enricher automatically. Features: – Converts waste to soil supplement in 24 hours. – Touch Screen for operation and monitoring. – Jacket heaters to provide even heating through the waste. – Leakproof […]

Organic Waste Composting Machine Video – TG-CC-200

TG-CC-200 Organic Food Waste Composter Organic wastes are difficult to handle properly because they usually come with a bad smell and dirty water during composting. Although many composting technologies and equipment are available in the market, time and pollution are still unbreakable issues. However, a novel technology may solve this situation, by combining patented equipment […]

TOGO 10T Food Waste Composting Machine

TOGO organic waste composting machine (kitchen, fruit and vegetable waste) is a integrated system that combine pretreatment, biochemical treatment, residue oil and water separation and collection, three waste treatment and other technologies to reduce organic waste, and conduct harmless and resourceful treatment . The organic waste comprehensive treatment equipment adopts fully automated, intelligent and standardized […]

Organic Waste Recycling (Methods, Steps, Significance, Barriers)

Organic Waste Recycling (Methods, Steps, Significance, Barriers) What are Organic Wastes? Organic wastes are materials originating from living sources like plants, animals, and microorganisms that are biodegradable and can be broken down into simpler organic molecules. • Organic wastes produced in nature by various means can exist either in a solid-state or liquid state. • […]

Modern on-site Food Waste Processing Machine

TOGO premier food waste processor helps your organization manage your food waste with ease. Our vision is to offer a machine that is easy, durable, strong, hygienic, with elegant design, and helps reclaim profits. Specifically designed for large buildings with limited space such as hotels, hospitals, schools, or universities and for residential perimeters such as […]


COMPOSTING MACHINE (TREATMENT OF ORGANIC FOOD & GREEN WASTE) TOGO food waste compost machine is the most advanced composting machine which uses a special technique to break down and convert all kinds of organic waste into compost in just 24 hours. No need for a separate curing system. This model is well equipped with moisture […]