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Food Cycler TG-CC-10: Compostador Domestic

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Food Cycler TG-CC-10: Compostador Domestic Tiramos demasiada comida. Hay estudios que indican que del orden del 25% de los alimentos que compramos termina en los vertederos. Eso es fatal para nuestro bolsillo, pero también para el medio ambiente, ya que los restos podridos provocan gran cantidad de gas metano (otro culpable del efecto invernadero). También hay […]

The Use of Organic Waste Composting Machine in the various industries!

The Use of Organic Waste Composting Machine in the various industries! With the ever-growing population, huge amounts of food wastes are being generated. Starting from the residential units to commercial buildings like IT Companies, hotels, hospitals, and more, all generate huge amounts of food wastes. These wastes, when not disposed of properly, start rotting and […]

Conheça as máquinas de compostagem acelerada

Pesquisadores e empresas de todo o mundo estão buscando alternativas para acelerar o processo de compostagem, a partir de estudos sobre os fatores que afetam a velocidade de compostagem. Hoje temos máquinas de compostagem automática, que transformam o lixo orgânico em composto para menos de 24h. Na compostagem de lixo orgânico, o tempo de transformação […]

How Can Food Waste be made into Animal Feed?

Food waste can be made into pellet feed through biological treatment. The biological treatment process independently developed by our company can reach the harmless discharge standard after treatment.   The basic requirements for making food waste into pellet feed are to realize disinfection and sterilization, meet feed hygiene standards, retain nutrition to the greatest extent, […]

24hr Automated Composting Technology

24hr Automated Composting Technology TOGO, established in 2008 located in Jiangsu, China, a growing city called WuXi. We strive to bring technology to meet the demands of our society today in food waste solutions, atmospheric water solutions and compostable products, We are INNOVATORS, DESIGNERS & SOLUTIONEERS all done in the China to bring the best […]

Video of TOGO 150KG Organic Waste Composting Machine Instructions

Video of TOGO 150KG Organic Waste Composting Machine Instructions TOGO’s Food waste Electric Composter, Model No. TG-CC-100 can decompose up to 100 KGs of any type of organic food waste, per cycle using multi-stage indirect heat and dry composting method, tentatively within 24 hours. Stand-Alone and portable, the model has durable, and corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel […]

Organic Waste Disposal Trial at Robe

ROBE District Council has secured funding to pilot a new thermophilic composting machine next month, in an effort to improve community waste streams and reduce landfill transport costs.   TOGO is a fully automated composting machine, able to convert organic waste – such as food scraps – into compost within 24 hours. Funding for the […]

This Kitchen Gadget Turns Food Waste Into Fertilizer In Just A Day

While composting is a guilt-free way to recycle food scraps by incorporating them into the soil for your plants, there’s no denying that it’s also a hassle. For those living in apartments or urban areas, keeping up a routine means bringing worms into your home and, in turn, putting up with a foul stench that […]

TOGO Fully Automatic Organic Food Waste Recycling Composting Machine – 500KG/Day

Food waste accounts for about 10 percent of the total waste generated in Singapore. Food waste is produced not only in eateries and hotels, but it is also produced in residential areas, but only 16 percent of the food waste is recycled. Unrecycled food waste will then be disposed of for incineration plants. Food wastes […]

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