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TOGO Launches New Composting Program for Residential Customers

TOGO, a leading provider of composting solutions, has announced the launch of a new composting program designed specifically for residential customers. The program is designed to make composting easy and convenient for homeowners, while also promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility. The new program includes a range of composting solutions that are tailored to meet the […]

Togo’s 30T Composting Machine – The Ultimate Solution for Organic Waste Management

Togo, one of China’s leading manufacturing and engineering companies, is proud to announce the launch of its state-of-the-art 30T composting machine. The machine is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for organic waste management, with integrated design, supply, installation, and project management services. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Togo is dedicated […]

TOGO obtained EATNS Carbon Management System assessment certificate!

Yesterday, TOGO was awarded the EATNS carbon management system assessment certificate! Was awarded the carbon management system standard implementation demonstration unit. On October 18, the first EATNS Carbon Management System Development Seminar was held at the Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange. Representatives of the Department of Climate Change of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, […]

The Differences Between Biogas and Composting for Managing Organic Waste

Both biogas and composting turn wasted organic material into something useful. Biogas makes methane, which is collected and burned to generate electricity. Composting makes organic fertilizer, which is used by gardeners, golf course managers and farmers to grow plants. Let’s dig into depth about their similarities and differences. Scale: All Sizes Both systems can work […]

Convert Your Food Waste To Fertilizer Machine

ORGANIC WASTE COMPOSTING MACHINES OR FOOD WASTE COMPOSTING MACHINES PROCESS Any type of food waste or Organic Waste Compost Machine in China which is biodegradable (with Biodegradable Waste Compost Machine in China) can be converted into soil amendment products/ compost like food waste compost / Food Waste to Fertilizer or organic waste compost through composting […]

TOGO Organic Kitchen Food Waste Composting Machine

TOGO Organic Kitchen Food Waste Composting Machine TOGO is the largest Composting machine manufacturer and supplier and exporter of Food waste composting machines capacity starting from 5 Kg per day – 300 Ton per day. Our machines are fully automatic and excellent in performance providing support to maintain a healthy environment and serve the nation […]

Large Scale Industrial Composting Equipment

Large Scale Industrial Composting Equipment The Problem with Organic Waste Disposal   Here at TOGO, we see waste processing as not only an economically efficient way to dispose off of organic waste but also as an environmentally conscious alternative to landfills, waste dumping and incineration. Large scale industrial composting equipment’s is the only viable to […]