Benefits of the TOGO Composter

The end result of composting is a nitrogen rich, ready to use compost that is a ready alternative to harmful, expensive chemical fertilizers that damage crops and severely impact the quality of food produce. Compost can be used an alternative to soil for certain types of farming, to improve water retention, fertility and top-soil strength It is integral in re-stabilizing soil pH that has been affected by aggressive farming practices or by deforestation or the seepage of chemical waste into it. Nitrogen rich, matured compost such as that produced by the Kwik Composter can even be used a natural pesticide, fungicide and deter pests and insects.
Its excellent as part of any agricultural, botanical eco-system whether that be traditional farming, homegrown nurseries, the lawns, gardens and landscapes of large complexes such as residential societies or schools or universities, for orchards and fields. It aids in significantly in reforestation and reducing the negative impacts of on-going defoliation. It makes for an excellent mix to add to potted plants, as mulch for larger bush and tree orchards and in the development of smaller gardens and lawns as well.
Compost is imperative in the maintenance of soil integrity and blocking the spread of plant malaise, and the erosion of earth metals into ground water which might end up in plants and eventually our bodies. By adding organic matter, carbon and humus, Compost actually regenerates bad soil. It also facilitates the proliferation of earthworms in soil that only serve to increase the quality of crops. It also reduces the need for irrigation in farming while also increasing terrain stability in non-agricultural land spaces such as roadsides and landscape lawns.
By opting for an automated composting process our customers have not only established themselves a progressive, environmentally conscious ventures but also significantly reduced the size of landfills.
Aside from its obvious environmental and agricultural value, compost made from green organic food waste has a huge market for sale and would be beneficial to any customer seeking to add an additional source of income to their on-going business. Compost is truly one of the most successful scientific projects, and we at TOGO are proud to be able to provide a solution to waste management that not only disposes off waste but converts it into a profitable, utilizable, 100% eco-friendly product.
It is no wonder then that the TOGO Composter is one of our top selling products that has achieved a high customer satisfaction rate. This machine in particular has also been approved by the Pune Municipal Corporation as a product that complies with all regulatory and safety standards of the industry. Our Composter provides a scientific, sustainable and inexpensive long term solution to organic green waste management.
Our TOGO Composter makes industrial scale green composting accessible and furthers Earth Care Equipments commitment to ensuring that the environmental impact of economic processes is significantly reduced, while also incentivizing green industry practices that will prove to be the fiscally responsible choice in the future. Here at TOGO, we endeavour to make advanced waste processing mechanisms an affordable, implementable reality.