Advantages of Using Organic Fertilizer

organic fertilizer
Characteristics of bio organic fertilizer
Improve the ability of soil to retain water, fertilizer and fertilizer. Beneficial microorganisms in bio organic fertilizer enter the soil and form with microorganisms in the soil. They form a symbiotic and proliferative relationship with each other, control the growth of harmful bacteria and convert them into beneficial bacteria, interact with each other, and give play to the synergy of the population. Beneficial bacteria produce a large number of metabolites during the growth and reproduction process, which can promote the decomposition and transformation of organic matter, and directly or indirectly provide various nutrients for crops to promote and regulate crop growth.
Function of bio organic fertilizer
Regulate soil, stimulate soil microbial activity, overcome soil hardening and increase soil permeability. Reduce water loss and evaporation, reduce the pressure of drought, conserve fertilizer, reduce chemical fertilizer, reduce the harm of salt and alkali, reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer or gradually replace chemical fertilizer. To improve soil fertility, so that food crops, cash crops, vegetables, melons and fruits can greatly increase production.
Advantages of using bio organic fertilizer
Improve the quality of agricultural products. The fruits have bright colors, neat fruit heads and concentrated maturity. The sugar content and vitamin content of melon agricultural products are increased. The taste is good and the selling price is increased. Improve agronomic characters, so that the crops have strong stems, dark green leaves, early flowering, high fruit making rate, good fruits and early market time. Enhance the disease resistance and stress resistance of crops, reduce soil borne diseases caused by continuous cropping of crops, control mosaic, black shank and anthrax, and enhance the comprehensive defense ability of crops against poor environment.