Food waste accounts for about 10 percent of the total waste generated in Singapore. Food waste is produced not only in eateries and hotels, but it is also produced in residential areas, but only 16 percent of the food waste is recycled. Unrecycled food waste will then be disposed of for incineration plants.

Food wastes cause more visible problems compared to inorganic waste such as wood, metal. Untreated food waste emits odour after being left in the open for a short period of time. During this period, pests such as rats, and cockroaches proliferate, causing environmental problems for residents in the surrounding neighborhood. On top of that, food waste typically contains a huge amount of water. The presence of water content in waste required more energy input during the process of incineration, resulting in further damage to the environment.

To tackle such problems, TOGO has decided to include machines to treat food waste onsite. By treating food waste onsite, both the environment and the company will stand to gain.

This TG-CC-500 Food Composter is a bio-composter that turns food waste into fertilizers that can be used for agriculture. The composter offers a totally self-contained, continual feed organic food waste disposal system to biologically convert solid food waste materials into compost, reducing it by 99%.

Food composting is done onsite, thus reducing cost and pollution factors. The product discharged is a dried compost that can be used as fertilizers for agriculture (depending on the input). This benefits both the user and the environment.


  1. User friendly

Just place the food waste in and let TG-CC-500 do its magic! This composter maintains optimal levels of aeration, moisture and temperature to allow composting to occur efficiently.

  1. Environmentally friendly

TG-CC-500 composter offers a close-loop recycling solution. Safely disposes of food waste which reduces the need for landfills. Food waste will be recycled into compost that can be used for agriculture.

  1. Control

Users can manage TG-CC-500 composter via the screen panel on the machine.

  1. Huge variety of food waste

TG-CC-500 decomposes most biodegradable food stuff including fruits, vegetables, bread, noodles, nuts, cheese, fruit peels, fishes, fish/ chicken bones, pineapple, eggshells, and meat.

  1. Various sizes available

TOGO comes in various different sizes with capacities ranging from 2kg to 30,000kg. Dimensions such as width, height, and depth can be customized accordingly.

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