200KG Organic Waste Compost Machine
Waste management is one of the serious issues of the world as of now. Today everyone is aiming for a greener tomorrow. The onus of the management and proper decomposition of the organic waste is on us as well. Considering the same, TOGO made an organic waste compost machine that facilitates the efficient conversion of organic waste. It is also the ease of use of the system which makes the machine more user-friendly and demandable.
The above-stated factors make the machine compatible for easy use. It also gives a fair chance to one and all to share their bit in keeping the environment cleaner and greener.
Compost machine has assembled the unit for mechanical, chemical, and biological composting operations. In Agitatation Operation, Shredded organic waste homogenated with biologically active compost for degradation of waste into nutrient enrich fertilizer. Composted organic residual utilize as a fertilizer in a farm.
Fully Automatic 200Kg/day input capacity Organic Waste Compost Machine with 100% natural 24 hours composting process comes with Siemens automation, PLC, and HMI.  
The fully automatic organic waste compost machine as the name suggests is operates automatically with few clicks and settings. Also, it doesn’t make much sound while operating. The notable point here is fully automatic system is PLC-based. Programmable Logic Controller utilizes in various manufacturing processes and programming is associated with it. The other feature of this fully automatic organic waste compost machine is that it can compost all types of organic waste, especially when it comes to food items, like eggshells, fish and chicken bones.
Additionally, if you are worried about a foul smell in the house, you can be assured that while the fully automatic organic waste compost machine is working, there is no foul smell in the house. Also, there are no pests like rats, insects, and flies that will be attracted to the organic waste.
Processes all types of organic waste like curry, roti, bread, egg-shells, chicken bones, fish, fish bones, fruits, fruit peels, vegetables, peels, left-overs of kitchen waste or any other biodegradable waste is converted into Organic manure/Compost.
Main Objective :
  • To convert the organic waste into compost.
  • To optimize the time duration and efficiency of the natural composting process.
  • To maintain the hygiene of food zone like canteen, cafe, hotel, hostels.
Operational features of Composting Machine:
– Fully Automatic
– Composts all types of food including Chicken and Fishbones, Eggshells, etc.
– Low Noise
– Part-time Labor/ process handling
– 80-90% volume reduction
– Very low OPEX
– Low Floor space/ Compact
– No Pathogens, safe for human handling
– No foul smell, no rats/ insects/flies
– Very good aesthetics
– Continuous Composting
– Stainless Steel Tank, Life of 20+ yrs
Composting machine should be mixed with soil in the ratio of 1:10, before using as manure. Additional nutrients may need to be reinforced if used for food farming.
Dry garden waste should be moistened to facilitate composting. Care should be taken to only moisten the waste and not make it dripping wet.
Garden waste should be shredded additionally for better results. Large stems, barks, etc must be shredded before being fed into the composter. Can be supplied at an additional cost based on the capacity and model.
Dos’ & Don’ts
– DON’T add hard/sharp materials like coconut shells, large animal bones, metal, and stones, or sharp tools. They will damage the plates and the tank.
– DO clear your compost, once it reaches the red level. Excess compost might enter the motor assembly and spoil the motor.
– DO maintain the optimum quantity of wet waste recommended for your machine. Larger than the recommended quantity will overload the machine and result in damage to the heater and compromise on the quantity of compost.